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Adhesive Tape
The self adhesive tape is a great alternative to fastener or screw as it can quickly join objects. Made from material and an adhesive film, this tape can be used in high as well as low temperature applications.
Air Bubble Rolls
Air bubble roll is designed to pack and protect items that are easily breakable. The air bubble sheet can be wrapped around fragile items, sensitive items, furniture, etc., for shipping. This sheet provides cushioning around the items.
Cargo Sheet Roll
White cargo sheet roll is a packaging sheet roll used in many industries. The high strength sheet is created to provide safety to the products. The sheet provides protection from environmental factors.
Stretch Films
A plastic film called stretch film can be wrapped around the items to protect them from external factors. This film stretches when it is wrapped around the items. The packaged products will have minimal shipping damage.
Packing And Moving Services
Packing and moving requires a lot of planning and resources. In order to make sure the work is done on-time without any damage or loss, it is best to avail our packing and moving services.

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